Instrumental psychophysiology complex “Master”

Suitable for conducting all kinds of psychophysiological and psychological examinations, equipped with different plugins according to the needs of customer: Synthesized Data Valuation Unit (“The Pillow”) a sensor and a software plugin with the help of movement sensor, that is placed under the examinee records the following readings: • pulsogram • synthesized Respiration • Seat…


“Psychophysiology Technologies “Energy”- Company information

Company information Our company, under the name “APDL “Concordia”, is presented on the lie detection market since 2005, in 2013 rebranding has been made and since then the company is named “Psychophysiology Technologies “Energy”. We are a developer of polygraphs and psychophysiology complexes: “Concord” since 2005; “Energy” and “Master” innovative products since 2013. We produce…



Psychophysiology Technologies “Energy”
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