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“Psychophysiology Technologies “Energy” Company information

Our company, under the name “APDL “Concordia”, is presented on the lie detection market since 2005, in 2013 rebranding has been made and since then the company is named “Psychophysiology Technologies “Energy”.

We are a developer of polygraphs and psychophysiology complexes: “Concord” since 2005; “Energy” and “Master” innovative products since 2013.

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We produce self-developed up-to-date convenient and high-precision computerized polygraphs:

  • Professional computerized polygraph “Energy”
  • Instrumental psychophysiology complexes “Master”, which comprises: alternative polygraph, phsychodiagnostic plugin, synthesized data evaluation plugin (“the pillow”), handwriting analyzer, speech reactions evaluation plugin, multimedia question representation plugin, extended video analysis plugin, biofeedback plugin etc.

Our company is carrying out activity in the following areas:

  • scientific research in the field of lie detection;
  • participation in specialized research and practice conferences, symposiums and exhibitions;
  • lie detection market analysis, international experience adaptation and its effective application in Russia;
  • cutting-edge software development in accordance with the latest lie detection techniques, instruments and specialist needs;
  • creation of an up-to-date methodological framework in the field of lie detection;
  • production of professional computerized polygraph “Energy”, instrumental psychophysiology complex “Master” and warranty and post-warranty service of these products;
  • conduction of polygraph examinations and psychological tests of different complexity;
  • expert training in the field of lie detection.

About Us

Our customers, who use the whole spectrum of the Company products, include both government authorities and large commercial organizations in Russia and former soviet republics.

At the present day “Psychophysiology Technologies “Energy” is the only company among Russian developers, which collaborates with leading R&D organizations, utilizes the cutting-edge technologies and make products according to customer’s needs.

PCP “Energy” and IPC “Master” comprise recent technologies, are compact, have the wide range of applications, which allows experts to complete a much wide range of tasks, than any other similar equipment, accurate, efficient and fast results.

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  • +7 926 556 03 18 (support service) +7 495 946 18 84, +7 495 998 42 36
  • info@energymp.ru
  • Psychophysiology Technologies “Energy” office 238, 7/1 Leningradsky Av., Moscow 125040, Russia
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