Professional computerized polygraph “Energy” modification “Portable polygraph”

The Energy PCP – Portable Polygraph modificationThis modification developed by our experienced specialists is absolutely unique as it includes conventional polygraph functions and the possibility of being used in any non-standard or challenging situation: it is compact and can be easily transported. The detection and collection of physiological data is transmitted by the wireless Data Acquisition and Sensors Unit (DASU) simply attached to the palm of the subject being tested.
DASU records and transmits synthesized Respiration, GSR (EDA); Photoplethysmograph (PPG) and Movement data;
Standard Sensors Kit to record additional data if necessary, which includes Respiration (Thoracic and Abdominal) and Seat Activity/Movement.

The Energy PCP – Portable Polygraph modification includes:

 Professional computerized polygraph “Energy” modification “Portable polygraph” - Data Acquisition and Sensors Unit (DASU) Data Acquisition and Sensors Unit (DASU)
 Professional computerized polygraph “Energy” modification “Portable polygraph” - Standard Sensors Kit (SSK) Standard Sensors Kit (SSK)
 Mini USB cable (MUC) Mini USB cable (MUC)
 Charging Unit Charging Unit
 Compact disc with software Compact disc with software
Transportation bag Transportation bag